Preda & Associates has a considerable experience at all levels of court system in Romania. Our firm is involved in disputes in the area of property law such as restitutions of nationalized property assets and equally in commercial, competition, unfair competition and employment disputes.

It is always important for a party to obtain advice from an experienced and knowledgeable litigator. Preda & Associates always focuses to the strategic elements of the case and is aware of the uncertain factors and side effects of the legal proceedings.

Commercial Law, Contracts

Our legal practice includes drafting of a wide range of commercial contracts from simple ones to negotiating and structuring complex transactions, including sale, supply, purchase, distribution, agency and licensing agreements.

Corporate Law, Corporate Formation

Preda & Associates provides advice in all aspects of general corporate law. Our services include establishment and registration of companies, subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies in Romania, general advice on corporate and share capital structures, shareholder matters and stock exchange matters, corporate governance issues, reorganizations and joint ventures.

Preda & Associates advises local and international companies on mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, capital placements and company law. The experience of our lawyers in representing the sellers, buyers, financiers and management allows them to be part of a team with the customer and other advisers and to provide both legal expertise and commercial approach to the transaction and the ability to find solutions.

Competition law, unfair competition

Our competition law practice focuses on competition law and business compliance strategies.

For our business clients, we aim to keep the Competition Council away from your doorstep by putting in place comprehensive Trade Practice compliance strategies.

Where problems arise, we deal with them promptly and effectively.

We also advise on tactics and strategy aimed at keeping your competitors honest.

Consumer Law

As the architecture of Romania’s internal trade market is converging towards adapting the EU harmonized regulatory laws on trade policies, Preda and Associates had gained experience and an outstanding practice on EU regulatory laws on consumer protection issues and advertisment policies, product safety and EU qualitative standards.

Romania is rapidly achieving a higher level of consumer protection awareness, thus permitting our attorneys to advise both local and multinational clients on maintaining higher standards on complex consumer policies and product safety matters.

Preda and Associates is thoroughly advising clients on all legal details concerning the sale of goods and warranties, misleading and comparative advertising, product liability, consumer contracts, sales promotions and trade practices.

Data Privacy

Protection of personal data is a real problem in today’s society, given the multiplicity of means of communication at our disposal. We provide personal information when buying online, when we subscribe to a newsletter or when we create an account on social websites. When it comes to the protection of such data, we keep our focus on the right to private life, knowing that we have the legal competencies necessary for ensuring a complex solution required for data systems and data collections on the same manner that we can provide it for a singular incident related the protection of personal data.

Employment Law

Preda & Associates offers advice to local and foreign employers on all aspects of employment law, inter alia including individual contracts for employment or services and collective agreements.

Labor legislation is complicated and it is not only the employment terms and conditions between the employer and the employee which should be taken into account.

Our attorneys have experience in all aspects of employment, including drafting employment contracts (also for managers and CEO), dismissals, employee termination claims, mergers and acquisitions including participation in due dilligence investigations and litigation.

Environmental protection

Our specific expertise continues to grow considerably in matters related to environmental protection as, nowadays, the central focus for both Romania and EU member states is on environment protection policies. This legal domain is further emphasized by its integration into all central EU policies such as energy, waste management, trade and competition.

Preda and Associates regularly advises clients on various aspects of the environmental legislation in particular sectors such as waste management, packaging and labelling, environmental taxes as well as other specific eco-management rules.