Welcome to our new website

We are glad to be, again, an active virtual presence in our new web page.

We are happy to let you know that we are still following the same philosophy that formed the law firm and after more than ten years of presence in Romanian law maket we gracefully embraced the experiences that turned us into the lawyers we are today.

We have grown into a fully-fleshed  law firm, one that was and is able to provide one important asset to their clients: stability.

We’ve learned a lot during these years and the most valuable aspect that we are still learning is that that we will never stop learning. That is why we share this statement with you, the visitors of our website, because it became also a part of our philosophy.

We are creative lawyers, so each experience is fine processed, shared and filtered through our core values and turned into a unique work of art, a legal work of art.

That’s why we would like to share part of our legal experiences within our blog, because a big part of the learning curve is sharing the teaching you received with others.

Thank you for visiting our website,


Preda & Associates Team